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  • * SHARPEN YOUR FOCUS: Relax! Take a load off. We will create  your web content, e-zines, blogposts and articles freeing you up to re-direct your energies to higher-value actions for growing  your business. We got this! Scribe-Werx  produces winning copy which increases conversion of online traffic to paying customers. CH-CHING-CHING!.
  • * CULTIVATE YOUR LEADERSHIP: We produce substantive well researched copy. Besides giving voice to your wisdom and insight, we aim to know the specific market your business is in, its fundamental emotional drivers, the latest sales and product trends, competitors. At Scribe-Werx we aim to position you as Thought Leader and Innovator.
  •  LEVERAGE OUR COPY WIZARDRY: We channel your passion, persona and wisdom so you can be assured that your clients will feel YOU! Authenticity is a core value of consumers of personal growth and wellness products. Therefore this perception contributes to customer retention and brand loyalty.

What you are doing can be done better.

Want to grow your base of loyal personal-growth-and-wellness enthusiasts? 

Want to position yourself as thought leader and innovator.?

Need to Highlight full spectrum of your product and services? Your worth?

Perhaps you’ve asked yourself... why hasn't it happened for me yet?

Come on... admit it.

This isn't the first time you've tried to find solutions for how to get greater market share in the personal growth and wellness niche.

That’s where Scribe-Werx comes in. We specialize in getting your expertise recognized and acknowledged.  
You are one Step away from growing a loyal tribe of evolutionaries!
Let me tell you a quick story about my pattern of business failures.

I was struggling with finding clients who would stick around.

And I was getting more and more frustrated and dejected by my self employment efforts.

You see, I went through a period where I was restlessly developing different products and services.  At one time or another during this period I was trying to promote myself and my services as a certified yoga teacher, certified nutrition counselor, maker of power snacks, jewelry maker, owner and designer of wearable art.

It’s exhausting just recalling this episode of my life.

Anyway, at a certain point the bottom fell out from under me when I lost my regular job, the one that kept me afloat as i tried to establish the side gigs.
This meant I couldn't take care of my responsibilities and obligations as a father and husband.

As you can imagine, I was in bad shape. The side gigs weren’t paying me…but I needed it to. 

Besides, it was my dream to make a BIG dent in the Uplifment industry.

The problem I had was I knew next-to-nothing about marketing. I was intimidated by it.

My comfort zone was product development. 

And that's when I knew I HAD to make a change...

So, first I tried to ramp up generic one-size-fits-all marketing tactics.

You know, printing business cards and dutifully handing it out to everyone who crossed my path.

I hit up every windshield on every car in every parking lot with a flyer.

That didn't work.  

I even hung out at the local mall trying to hawk discounted service coupons and free product samplings to people coming out of the K-Mart
That just plain sucked. It was like pulling teeth.

Then I tried vending at local art festivals and wellness events, and it worked a little better.

This was when it finally dawned on me that my scatter-shot approach to marketing was inefficient. Maybe I should try to find out who my ideal client is.

These folks at the festivals were open to what I offered. They engaged with me at my vending booth and I, being in a more relaxed less sales-y  frame of mind, was more personable.

 And guess what?
The rapport and easy banter bore fruit. I didn’t sell out, yet I sold more homemade power bars than I expected and got a record number of contact info for the upcoming yoga posture clinic I was planning. 

And that's when I realized it wasn't my fault!

 I was failing because all the marketing ideas I had been exposed to was about the hard sell. 

No wonder I was struggling. 
For years I was led to believe that it was all about aggressive high-pressure salesmanship and when I figured out that it wasn't true, I was able to stop trying to fit a sales mode which didn't resonate with me. I got much better results! 

Somehow, the image associated with sales and marketing was…wait for this…the iconic stereotypical used car salesman. He was the one in my head keeping me from discovering how to get greater market share in the personal growth and wellness niche!
Once I realized the various products and services I was trying to sell had a common, yet very specific target audience whom I needed to connect with genuinely, that's when I started to dig deep to understand who these people were and what were their core values. 

The irony is that this was a process of self-discovery. 

 I discovered that:
1) the elusive target market I was trying to connect with had a name: they were called Cultural Creatives and they are the vanguard of Positive impact changemakers and 
2) I was one of them. You see, this group was defined by cultural values and not by traditional demographic categories like age, gender, nationality, socio-economic levels, et cetera. It was therefore easy to connect with my prospects heart-to-heart.

Cultural Creatives are my tribe!
This is who the top companies in the the personal growth and wellness space like Mindvalley direct their marketing efforts towards.

Considerable research has gone into identifying the values and behaviors of Cultural Creatives. See ‘The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World’ by Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson for a full exposition on this once elusive population.

 Don't let the used car salesman approach hold you back!
The benefit  of investing in relationship-building with your target audience is not about a short-term uptick in sales. Its about long-term loyalty.

Loyalty is a stabilizing influence in a volatile marketplace where your competition is trotting out all the latest bells-and -whistles.

Let's be clear:Your competitor’s Gimmicks will not unseat solid client relationships built on the KLT principle. 

The question is, do your clients know, like and trust you.?

There is no substitute for continual intimate exposure to your target market offering them valuable no-strings-attached content as well as your expert insight as an industry insider.

And that's why I created "Scribe-Werx Content Creation Service".

It’s the culmination of a process 20 years in the making which cost me thousands of dollars in failed businesses. Still, it was totally worth it!

No longer shall online marketing concerns keep you awake at night. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

What used to take me literally forever, I can now get done with speed and efficiency.
In fact - for one-time projects - from the time we begin work on your content till you review our first draft generally lay in the range of 10-14 business days.
Scribe-werx: our words capture  and project your realness 
• "Brian is a gifted, soulful copywriter that is joy to work with. I recommended him to the CEO of a travel boutique who is trying to expand her web presence. We are both extremely pleased with the work he is doing. In addition to his writing skills, Brian is a good listener and has an intuitive sense with words that helps him to consistently produce outstanding copy. I highly recommend his services." 
James Weeks, CEO,- Across the King's River
• "I feel his speaking and writing abilities are so rich not only because of the value of the information he offers but the context that he includes and the contemporary relevancy which comes along with it." . 
Kalonji Guillory,  IT  Consultant
• "Brian is a thoughtful and talented writer who takes the time to listen and help you find your voice. He is also a brillant strategist with astute business acumen. I would recommend him without hesitation to any business who needs Copy which delivers 
Maryse Uriodain - Founder, Spirtual Vacations  International

  " Brian is the epitome of the caring intellectual. He takes pride in using his mind to provide the nurturing that we, collectively as well as individually, need for fulfilling our purpose in life " – James Hunt, Copywriter

These are CONSERVATIVE ball-park investment amounts for what Top shelf copywriters demand for their services.

 (Don’t take my word for it. Ask around) 
The good news is that the Scribe-Werx advantage gives you the same (or better) top shelf quality copy for a more affordable investment 

In addition, when you sign up for our service we will evaluate your existing copy (typically a $400 investment) for FREE! 
Let me be real with you.
There Is no better time than NOW to secure Scribe-Werx Content Creation services.

As a business offering HIGH QUALITY content, we are in demand.

And we intend to grow that demand EXPONENTIALLY.

Inevitably, the investment amount will increase even as we remain affordable.

Act NOW and lock in this level of affordability for the greatest ROI.

Take a load off your back. Allow us to help you grow and manage your tribe while increasing your revenues.

You won’t be disappointed. Just imagine what life will be like when you achieve a substantially greater market share in the personal growth and wellness niche!
To get started, you will need to complete a simple Discovery Questionnaire form. This form provides us with the info we will need to assess the scope of the project ahead of initial consultation.

Simply submit your name and email below, click on the 'Yes! Send Discovery Questionnaire' to receive the form and then call us at 619-693-4953 to schedule initial consultation.
Briefly, these are what the next steps look like:
• You will complete and send discovery questionnaire ahead of the scheduled initial consultation to briandwordsmith@scribe-werx.com

• We will develop and send out a ‘Project Roadmap’ within 3 business days after initial consultation. The Project Roadmap is the schedule of actions which will guide project from start to completion.

Launch call: We will schedule a 20-minute launch call to discuss Project Roadmap. This will be an opportunity to you to address any concerns and provide inspired ideas or criticisms for further refinement or modification of project.

• Once we are all aboard, pulling in the same direction, I will draft and send agreement containing all the service specifics including project timeline as well as investment amount and terms of payment.
 Alternatively, you may want to use the agreement drafted by your legal team. This is not a problem.

• We will provide link to secure order form where you put in your credit card info. We take half the investment up front and the other half upon completion of the project.

• After the agreement has been signed and the first payment received then we begin work on your project.

 About Project timelines
 *For one-time projects: From the time we begin work on your project to you reviewing our first draft generally lay in the range of 10-14 business days.

* For ongoing projects, timelines are cyclical. You would refer to the project's editorial calendar for details regarding publication schedule.
Thanks for checking out this opprtunity  to increase sale while growing your tribe of personal growth and wellness enthusiasts, aka evolutionaries.

Peace and Blessings
Brian D Wordsmith
P.S. :  If you pass on this offer, will you succed with content creation? I don’t know.

Creating content and writing copy might be your thing.

However, I do know that if you are in business there are higher value tasks that you can busy yourself with to make your enterprise more profitable.

Why not free yourself up to focus your attention on some other aspect of your business by leveraging our affordable yet proven expertise to handle your content creation.

Don’t struggle. Don't spread yourself thin.

Put Scribe-Werx to work for you NOW and make a HUGE  impact!

For further enquiries,  mailto:briandwordsmith@scribewerx.com

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